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Golden Wolf's Journal
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Below are the 18 most recent journal entries recorded in Golden Wolf's LiveJournal:

Monday, April 30th, 2001
10:10 am
Just got back from the doctors. My baby has an ear infection and bronchitis (like I can really spell it) That looks close. My 3-year-old has a bad upper resp infection. This is gonna be a long day. So be it I suppose

Current Mood: stressed
3:58 am
Well, I'm back after a long weekend. Quite frankly I'm too tired to recap right now. I need to head upstairs for a big 3 hours of sleep (if I'm lucky) Plus, my 3 year old and my 7month old are both sick. The babies temp hit 103 and it almost landed him at the hospital. Finally the Motrin kicked it though. Down to a reasonable 101 now. Poor kid. I just spent the last few hours with him. Night all
Thursday, April 26th, 2001
9:04 pm
Finally, this thing wouldn't let me connect all day. Now I'm tired and don't feel like typing. Still have to finish that web content anyway....tootles
Wednesday, April 25th, 2001
7:45 pm
That was good. Home-made beef stew on a rather cool day.

My mother-in-law thinks she has a virus on her computer at work, so it looks like Friday I will head over and make sure she doesn't.

My wife just took my 6-year-old to the driving range to hit a few balls with her mother. Since I have a few moments I think I may play The Sims, House Party for a bit. Slacking again and then I will chastise myself for not getting all the work I have to do done. Oh well.
4:05 pm
I hate busy days. Time to go make dinner.
1:36 pm
Feels like I just woke up. Time to work on that new content...
1:29 am
Decided to bag it. Content will have to wait. Think I'll read again, munch on some Hot Fries (The Andy Cap chips), and go to sleep.

Current Mood: accomplished
1:07 am
Finished updating the code in the mom-in-law's site. Tis a happy day indeed. I have spent the last 2 weeks working on it. Now, hopefully my wife will let me sleep in this weekend. Maybe take the kids somewhere. I think I will speak to her about it tomorrow...bah, later today.

Guess I should note my problem with the time. To me, it isn't a new day until I have slept.

I talked to the doctor again about my headaches. He changed his mind and now thinks that I am getting Migraines. I've been to see him three prior times and he treated it like it was a severe sinus infection. This last go-round he gave me a REALLY strong antibiotic and I took it for 2 weeks. Nada. He prescribed me some medicine to kill the pain, but I don't think I will end up taking anymore. I took one the other day and it almost dropped me where I was standing. I have NEVER had such a hard time staying awake. I don't like pills as it is, but I sure as hell don't have time those damn pills require. So...looks like I will have to cope. BUT, as I ramble on, I spoke with him "yesterday" and he wants to send me to a neurologist. Lovely. With my wife being a nurse she tends to make me go to all these damn doc appointments. Sigh. This will prob be no different.

All well, let's see if I can upload some new content to go along with the new code. Whoopie.....

Current Mood: sarcastic
Tuesday, April 24th, 2001
7:09 pm
Interesting day so far. My son had his tooth filled and he is very cranky. Went to the store for the mom-in-law. The temperature actually came down today and it was nice and cool. Think I'll go have some dinner.
8:38 am
Could it be this time already? Sleepy doesn't describe it today. My eyes are sore and I can feel as well as see the circles under my eyes. One of these days I have to figure out a way to go to bed early.

Current Mood: tired
1:42 am
Buggar, I always forget that mood thing

Current Mood: groggy
1:40 am
I have just hit a point in my day where I can't decide what to do next. I'm thinking about all these different projects that I have to do, but at the same time I'm feeling pretty sleepy. I could spend the next hour or so working, especially considering that I don't sleep worth a crap. Then again, while I'm sitting here typing I think I'm going to get some more reading done.
I try and read before I hit the sack each night in order to clear all the PC-webs from my head. Right now I am reading David and Leigh Eddings, "The Redemption of Althalus."

I also found out today that a book by Tad Williams (whom I really enjoy reading) that I read entitled "Otherland" was not a one book deal. In fact, it is a quartet. No I have to see about gathering the other books. I truly love reading but I tend to finish the books entirely too fast. So, I make it a point to have books in waiting.

I guess I'd better end this and grab my book. My 3-year-old gets a filling tomorrow and he has to be sedated (Scared sh*t-less of the dentist, although no real problems with the doctor) Anyway, when he comes home he isn't the most pleasant thing in the world, not sure I blame him. That in mind, I think I will want my wits up so I don't get snappy at him. I'm starting to sound very old...I don't like it. That reminds of something else I did recently. Have to save that for tomorrow...er, actually later that is.
1:16 am
Just finished working on my mother-in-law's web site. Nice to get it over with, but I could sure think of better things to be doing...

Current Mood: listless
Monday, April 23rd, 2001
10:02 pm
Well, day 2 doesn't go so well. I ran into some problems with win2k. Sometimes I love it, today I'd say hate was a better word. Hopefully XP will liven things up. It was in the mid-80's today. I blew up my kids pool (I have a compressor) I shaved my 3-year-old's head. His hair was way to long before. Needless to say, my wife is not happy. He's only three she says. I'm still not quite sure what that means. Anyway, he will be much cooler for it. My 2-year anniversary is coming up in July. I briefly tried to think of how we might celebrate. Came up blank. I guess it hinges on whether or not I can get a sitter.

I sat up last night playing Undying (which I finished, but only at the medium level) until 3am. At 28 years old I am starting to question my sanity. Great game though.

Ah well enough rambling for now.

Current Mood: blah
2:29 am
ok, this is about what time I hit the sack each night. When you have to get up between 6 and 7 does this seem a bit odd? I'm off

Current Mood: tired
1:10 am
Well, that interupted my game-playing experience. Decided to pick up the kitchen and take out the trash. I also realized what a complete pain it is getting the babies bottles ready. My son is 7 months old. Not sure yet why I decided to put out the trash. We have one of those trash services that says have your trash out before like 5am and they generously let you put it out the night before anytime after 7. In the year that I have been here, I've seen them approx 5 times before noon. Sometimes not until around 4. Then we complain and they show up earlier (noon) for the next week (which is 2 pick-up days) and all goes back to normal again. I guess what I am trying to say here is that our trash service sucks!

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, April 22nd, 2001
10:02 pm
Buggar! What exaclty do I want to include on this thing. I think I will finish my Pepsi and play a litte Undying. Hell, maybe I'll even catch up on my email....although I hope I don't get that bored!
9:59 pm
I guess this entry starts it all. I'm not sure if I will stick with this or not yet, but I will remain neutral for now. I think I want to come up with certain key facts I will put in each days entries. Like the weather or some such. For example, I am nice and cool right now, although it is 80+ outside. Thank god for the basement. How the hell could I really afford to run the AC this early in the year. It feels like 90+ on the 3rd floor. Looks like my sleeping arrangements may be changing. (Wonder what my wife will think)

Current Mood: indifferent
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